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Master Care

Nathan Sanow,

(800) 275-4582

Master Care

MasterCare was founded by Everett Thorne in 1988 after watching his parent's home auctioned off to pay for his mother’s long term care needs. His vision was simple, always do the right thing whether seen or not, and help people protect what is most important.

What started as a small Portland, Oregon company has grown into one of the nation’s largest long term care solutions firm. As we have grown, we have kept our focus on our core values:

Integrity: We do what is right whether seen or not, regardless of the cost
* Compassion: we have a genuine concern to care for and protect those we serve
* Wisdom: we seek to gain knowledge and use good judgement in all matters
* Excellence: we strive to continuously improve and exceed high expectations
* Creativity: we relentlessly pursue better innovative ways of doing things
Our commitment to these values guides our decisions and led to a consistent growth as a company.

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