The National LTC Network prides itself in helping its members. Being a member of the Network is both a privilege and a responsibility to the Network and to the Long Term Care Industry. Members enjoy numerous benefits included and not limited to access to the top contracts from the carriers, discounts on continuing education courses, discounts on errors and omission insurance, and instant recognition with the rest of the industry. The Network's top priority is supporting of its members. 

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Endorsed Carriers

We have partnership arrangements with carriers allowing us collective input, marketing, sales, and sales training support at a level unavailable to individual MGA’s. We believe all of our partnerships are developed in a way that benefits our carrier partners as well as the members of the Network.


Network Support Staff

The Network employs a full-time staff empowered by the Board of Directors to run the corporation. Their focus is providing added value to Network members through communications, education, and ongoing member support offered through an array of opportunities.


Member Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings provide members and their staff opportunities to participate in presentations by nationally recognized industry leaders, senior insurance company executives, legislative/regulatory experts and fellow members focused on enhancing participants’ knowledge of the Long Term Care insurance market.



The Network hosts a professionally developed proprietary website listing pertinent information about the Network and our members. Site visitors are able to find links to Network member websites as well as general information about Long Term Care insurance.


Corporate Citizen

The Network’s Code of Conduct and Corporate Policies provides the framework for the way we do business. We believe each of us has a responsibility to our industry, as well as to other Members and the producers and consumers whom we serve. With the selective group comprising our membership base, we have developed an environment that fosters trust and willingness to share ideas.


Administrative Services

We continue to search for opportunities to improve members’ office administrative efficiencies in an effort to improve agency profitability.


Affinity Marketing

The national scope of the National LTC Network provides experience in successfully fulfilling our commitments to marketing partners and offers our membership firms opportunities they may not be able to obtain on their own. Our formula for successfully supporting marketing partners is unique and consistent and can effectively support a national LTCi sales campaign regardless of size.


Legislative Voice

We contribute and actively participate in a number of legislative efforts on both state and federal levels. Our legislative position is focused on helping to develop and promote tax-favorable LTCi legislation and finding innovative ways of helping LTCi consumers, as well as our Members’ insurance interests.

Personal Development

Members’ participation in organizational task forces that focus on developing and promoting market opportunities is encouraged. These team projects provide the basis for personal interaction and increased market and sales knowledge, in addition to a better understanding of specific tasks through peer interaction.


Value-Added Discounts

The size of our membership allows us to negotiate favorable terms for a number of non-insurance services and products. We continue focusing on finding these opportunities which we believe add value for our associates.


Peer Interaction

We consider members of our organization as peers focused on a common objective: the promotion and sale of Long Term Care insurance. As part of the Network, members develop unique bonds with other members that promote the sharing of ideas along with a willingness to discuss opportunities that typically would not be shared with other sales organizations. Our culture is built on trust. We believe in this industry and are committed to help it grow.


Exclusive LTCi Focus

Our main focus is Long Term Care insurance. We continue our industry position as an organization of leading LTCi agencies representing a significant market share of Long Term Care insurance sales.


Training Opportunities

The Network arranges various trainings throughout the year from some of our industry’s top authorities providing members, staff and producers with first-hand information important to their marketing and sales efforts.



The Network has a strictly enforced Member Code of Conduct with is an important part of who we are and the way our organization functions. Our Ethics Committee is charged with independently reviewing board actions and business practices.


Community Service

Our members are leaders in their community and are actively involved in a number of organizations in their individual locations. Many of the non-profit organizations our members support have either direct or indirect ties to our industry. We support these efforts and the find work these organizations provide by lending our name to national endorsements.



Network membership includes the most successful marketers of LTCi in the entire world. Our members and their firms are held in high regard by the LTCi industry. Many observers have described the Network members as “The best of the best.”



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